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2018 & Seven More People Helped

2018 and the year is flying by.  We are busy issuing funds and so far we have helped seven new young people this year.  We still have many existing recipients, who receive support,  but these seven are first time recipients of funding from The Samantha Sykes Foundation.  We received a very generous donation of £500 from Hawks Chemical Co.Ltd, following a fundraiser by employees. As always we look to assign donations to something people can actually see.


The Hawks Chemical Co. Ltd donation will go directly to the young victim in the application below.

This week we granted funding to a young fourteen year old who was a victim of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation).   The application came via a lady, who is from West Yorkshire Police,  she was applying for funding on behalf of a fourteen year old female. One area of the application made me shiver, I have highlighted that comment below.

“I am a victim liaison officer for West Yorkshire Police,  seconded to Wakefield Youth Offending Team and I am very passionate about supporting young victims of crime. I am very conscious of the fact that there are a lot of services offered to young offenders but victims are often left to struggle and to cope with the effects of crime. This young person has been removed from mainstream school, she is a victim of rape, CSE & has suffered self-harm and other emotional ill health”.

That statement is so true, the offenders are given support to correct themselves and the victims are too often forgotten.  With your help we do not forget them.

For just over £300 we are able to help this young lady and it is, as always, your generosity that allows us to help people like this. The funding included educational assistance and travel costs.  I am proud of all our supporters every time we are able to help a young person,  it helps restore my broken faith in the world we live in.  So many times people comment how proud they are of what we do, but you too should be proud of what you do.  I am sure,  like us,  we all sincerely hope this young lady is able to look to rebuild her life knowing she is supported by genuine people who want nothing more than the knowledge she is being given an opportunity.

Thank you all

Eric Sykes

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