On 3rd October 2015, Ian Sykes, Samantha’s uncle and one of the founder Trustee’s of Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust, died suddenly after taking his own life.

Ian was 51 years old and played a pivotal role in the work of our charity, this page is to pay tribute and acknowledge the work he did, the important role he played in the work of our Charity and the Foundation he helped us to create and build.

Ian was committed to the work of this Charity and his niece Samantha. The murder of Ian’s niece, Sami, destroyed part of him and through the role he played and the work of this Charity he felt he was helping continue something Sami would be proud of.

Ian was the driving force and creator of the Charity website. The website was Ian’s own creation; it was his pride and joy, an ongoing project. Ian never did anything by half measures and often spent hours and hours sitting and creating new ideas and projects around the website. Ian was a perfectionist who was always working to improve his creation; he loved looking at how many visits or hits the site got. The website was Ian’s baby and something he totally protected in such a way that after his death it took some serious detective work to find the website domain and gain access. It was very important to Ian that the website fully reflected his niece Samantha. He wanted a website that she would be proud of and would approve of and we think he certainly managed that.

As well as creating and developing the website, Ian was a key player in helping with the organisation of many events. He would often be up at 5am on a Saturday and Sunday morning creating a new poster of flyer to advertise an up and coming event to ensure it was advertised on the website. Ian always made sure he was present at every Charity fundraiser or event, always attending with his camera; he captured every event in pictures and would work tirelessly to get these pictures uploaded on the Charity website. His love of photography ensured that we have so many pictures and memories captured forever.

Ian was devoted to the work of the Charity and very passionate and proud to be part of the Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust. He felt it was an honour and privilege to be part of this work. He would take any opportunity to inform friends, family, complete strangers and businesses about the Charity and always made sure he had a Samantha Sykes FT Charity business card on his person to give out readily.  

Ian has left a very big void; not only in our lives but also due to the key role he played in our Charity. However, we do know that his one big wish would be that the work he helped to create continues to grow and carries on making a positive difference to the most vulnerable young people within our society. Ian we promise you that we will continue with this legacy and make you proud, we do now and always will be eternally grateful for your efforts in progressing The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust.

It is with deep regret that added to the death of Ian we have also lost Bethany, Ian’s daughter,  who tragically took her own life on April 22nd 2019.

“Life has to end. Love doesn’t.”

Eric Sykes May 2019