Our Work

Our initial work involves supporting young people in the Yorkshire region, specifically those who are/have been in the care of the local authority and are thus at increased risk of harm, for example, from child sexual exploitation. Our mission is to, work together with other, carefully selected, not-for-profit organisations, to provide targeted support to inspire these young people to achieve their full potential.

How Your Donations Will Make a Difference

Further and Higher Education for Care-Leavers

The trust are currently working in partnership with a local high school, Wakefield College and Huddersfield University with plans to extend to other educational establishments in the near future.  Together, we have identified real gaps in the needs of children who are brought up in the care system and as result feel that it is impossible to continue their education after high school.

In partnership with Huddersfield University we are developing a Mentorship scheme, for students who were brought up in-care, to provide them with the ongoing support they need but cannot receive from their parents or carers. The scheme is jointly funded by The Trust and the University and supported by professionals at all levels of the organisation. We aim to make Huddersfield University, UK’s number 1 choice, for care-leavers, looking after them throughout their university life, encouraging them to believe in themselves, to be inspired to achieve the best results possible and continue onto successful careers.

We are planning a new scheme to help local schools deliver a positive message to their in-care children, showing them that there is a real future in further and higher education for them. The Trust will offer funded visits to local Universities and further education establishments for groups of in-care children. The Trust plans to use the scheme to form a bridge between schools, colleges and Universities bringing them together to encourage in-care children to plan for a more successful future.

We also plan to provide essential equipment such as laptops, books, software etc. which many of us take for granted, but which are not readily available for this group of young people.  Funds permitting we may also provide Rail cards and other such items, that may make the difference, for a vulnerable child, in deciding if they can access further education, but feel that they are not able.

If you wish to get involved in shaping our educational support  packages please contact us by email at ss-ft@outlook.com

Child Sexual Exploitation

We are also hoping to work in partnership with not-for-profit organisations, in providing funds, which will pay for safe accommodation, counselling and support for young people who have been affected by, or are at risk of, child sexual exploitation. We will remain transparent in how we plan  to allocate funds as we look at other schemes in the future.

The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust are working closely with the Children’s Society to support victims of, and those at risk of, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Experienced professionals from the Hand-in-Hand project work preventatively, in a variety of settings, with vulnerable children to help them avoid becoming victims of sexual exploitation. The project also works with other professionals, providing them with training and awareness of the issues around CSE. Hand-in-Hand also works with victims of CSE, treating each young person as an individual providing advice, advocacy, and support for them, to make positive changes and choices in their lives.

The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust provides funding for projects such as Hand-in-Hand which rely on charity and meet our criteria for supporting children at risk of child sexual exploitation and victims of this terrible crime.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation working with those at risk of, or victims of CSE, and wish to work with us or receive our support then please contact us by email at ss-ft@outlook.com

Working Together with Other Charities

We are currently talking to national charities about ways in which the Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust can integrate with them to provide additional support to our specific target demographic. By working together we aim to ensure these young people are not forgotten by the system and are inspired to believe in their potential.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, working in our area, and would like to benefit from our specialist knowledge and links, please contact us by email at