Family Fun Day @ The Ship Inn Worsborough April 15th 2017

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On April 15th Michelle Ward and everyone at The Ship Inn Worsborough put on a family fun day.  Michelle who organised the day had support from “locals” of the Ship Inn along with family & friends, and of course the wonderful staff.  We visited ourselves and as expected the atmosphere was a real Barnsley atmosphere, friendly and community orientated.  The event raised £190 which was allocated immediately for the funding of a young person who is being helped by supported Living providers at The Sanctuary Project Wakefield.  This young person was in need of support, and the application we received believed that with extra tuition the young person would have a much better chance to achieve grades that would guarantee them a place in further education.   Being in the care of the local authority the young person had no family support to help with the payment.    The application was for just £155 which to many reading this may seem a small amount but to some this figure is just not possible to access.

The Samantha Sykes Foundation would like to thank everyone at The Ship Inn and of course Michelle, the money raised was spent immediately, the cheque was issued to the team at The Sanctuary Project on May 5th, just 3 weeks after the event.  Hopefully Michelle and everyone involved in supporting the day is as pleased as we are, that your efforts have had an instant impact.

The Sanctuary Project is something which is close to our hearts.   Kimberley Frank, who was murdered along with our daughter Samantha Sykes, had, prior to her murder, been helped by The Sanctuary Project.  One of the reasons The Samantha Sykes Foundation is in existence is to continue what Sami had tried to in supporting Kim.  The Sanctuary Project carries out phenomenal work with young people but sometimes at little extra funding goes a long way, as it has in this case.  Had Kimberley received a little extra help she may have taken a different path and who knows what the outcome of that could have been.    To all at the Ship Inn… Brilliant work… Well Done

Eric & Julie

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