Dickensian Market

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On Saturday December 2nd, 2017, The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust were one of two charities to receive funding from The Clayton Dickensian Market.  This was the 13th year the market has taken place and with both community and charity in mind The Samantha Sykes Foundation are proud to be selected, and had a stall on the market where visitors could purchase handmade knitted goods and glassware.  Most of the items were donated by Karin Jackson (knitted goods) and Libby Benson (hand painted glassware).  Thank you to everyone who donated anything.

As with all our events we look to distribute funding back to the area it was raised, and we can announce we have a young person who is just two miles from Clayton who is requiring extra tuition for their exams in 2018.  The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust has sourced private tuition, for the young person,  and the tutor has identified the student,  who is struggling with her literature text, would benefit from seeing a show at Bradford Alhambra. Sometimes people who struggle with text can understand better a physical item such as a film or play, and we all believe in this case it will help them.  Earlier this year this was shown to be the case when a young lady from Beckfoot School Bradford received an “A” in her GCSE exams.  This young lady was expected,  or very likely,  to fail her exams, prior to her visit to a drama show.  Her tutor is 100% sure her visit to the show, funded by The Samantha Sykes Foundation,  was what enabled the young lady to achieve her “A” grade.  With this in mind we are hoping the generosity of the people of Clayton will help another young local person.

The young person, who will receive funding raised from The Dickensian Market,  has been in the care system and has no family support, they are currently in supported living,  without the generosity of the local people of Clayton we are confident this young person would not receive the grades that will allow them the opportunity to access further education.

As families, we try help our own children, with what we see as basics,  many of us have access to computers or films where our own children can see things for themselves.  To many of us we do not see, or understand, how people from difficult backgrounds do not have the same opportunities as our own children.  It may seem trivial but to a child who is either in the Care System or is a Care Leaver this is certainly not trivial, access to what the rest of us take for granted seems impossible to them.  We are so proud to help people like this young person,  and anyone who visited the market yesterday and spent a few pounds should be proud too.  The market was a hive of activity with families young and old enjoying their normal lives and build up to Christmas.  Looking around seeing so many enjoying a traditional family day it did make me think of the “other”  less fortunate young people and what they were missing.  Hopefully with our support,  those young people will one day attend The Dickensian Market with a family of their own, how brilliant would that be.

Thank you

Eric Sykes

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