3 Local Students Supported With Your Fundraising

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Following the visit reported below, we received feedback from the two students tutor Michelle.  Michelle said “the day was a huge success  both girls have benefited immensely from the visit.  Both students had been having difficulties with the piece of work, An Inspector Calls, and we are so pleased with both girls progress since seeing the play rather than learning from text”.  Michelle is so pleased with their progress and she is sure there will be at least one “A” pass and probably two.  This would not have happened without seeing the play.

Many young people, we support,  need something a little different to help with their studies and this type of event is something many young people will benefit from.  The young people we strive to help have no family support and without our input miss out on these opportunities.  These are small steps that make big differences, these young people often underachieve in their studies and this impacts on life choices, hopefully these two students will press on and find places in higher education which in turn will help them achieve in their chosen life choices.  Many of us take for granted family/parental support and our charity recognises that these young people can achieve many things, but they need support if it is deficient.


This type of work fits in with exactly what Sami believed in, Sami had tried helping many children of her own age and she would be so pleased with this type of support.  Sami strongly believed that her friend Kimberley  had potential and never gave up on her, had Kimberley been given the chances we now try offer, in Sami & Kim’s name,  she too could have reached her true potential, Sami really believed that.

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We recently received, and granted, funding to help three local students, who are in full time education at Lightcliffe Academy and Beckfoot Thornton.  All three students are in the care of the local authority, all three have no family support, they  are all having difficulties with their education.  A suggestion was made by their private tutor that the children would benefit from seeing a play, to help them understand two texts that constitute a major part of their English Literature GCSE – William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and J B Priestley’s An Inspector Calls.    The students are also receiving extra mentoring and support in their education from their tutor. The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust, with your help, is pleased to support helping these young people achieve their potential.

I am still surprised when people run any event and then afterwards they say “we only made £100, or £50 etc.”  The students above are seeing between them 5 plays. The funding includes train travel to and from the event, entry fees, and a few pounds for refreshments. The total cost is, on average, only £100 per event, coming to a total of just under £500.  Your support and fundraising, regardless of how small, goes a long way, and this particular group would not have been able to do this without you!!!

Many thanks to Michelle Holgeth for her work on pulling this together and also special thanks to A Leadbeater Transport, Bradford for establishing this connection between Michelle and The Samantha Sykes Foundation and allowing us to support these young people

Following the applications being approved, I sent out an email to our trustees saying how emotional this job can be.  When doing what we do, we are constantly reminded of how Sami tried to help young people herself, and it is her legacy that drives us to do this for Kimberley and Sami; they would both be so proud.

It is just 5 years since Kimberley and Sam were taken from us, and this funding means a little extra at this time of year.    Please see below a section of an email I received from the students’ tutor.  The text relates to two of the three students , as, at the time of the mail, the third student’s application had not been approved, but I am pleased to announce it is now.

Email from Tutor


I have two incredibly happy girls who are counting down the days to the trip on the 25th!! I have managed to purchase everything I need for the trip, and have planned the route from the train to the venue with military precision.  

Because they have never been beyond their own back door, as it were, they will find it all very awe inspiring, I’m sure.  They were both very touched by Samantha’s story, to the point of tears, and I think it possibly ‘touched a nerve’ with their own experiences.  To see them smile about the whole experience, though, reminds me why this trip is so important for them, on more than just an academic level.

We will make a difference….

Or as Sami had written on her bedroom wall……….

“ I am not trying to make a difference I AM THE DIFFERENCE”


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