Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust

Charity Commission Registered – No: 1161175

Mission Statement: To support not-for-profit organisations and educational establishments, who work to eradicate child sexual exploitation, and/or work with children and young people who are considered to be at risk of, or victims of sexual exploitation.

To support looked-after children and care leavers to access further and higher education through the provision of funds for equipment, services, support or any other function which will help them to attain their full potential.

Pwetty Squiare copyThe work of this charity is carried out on behalf of, and in the memory of, Samantha Sykes who tragically died, at 18 years old, with her friend who was “looked after” by the local authority. Sami was murdered because of the support she selflessly gave to two young people, who were in need of love, protection and guidance and who would have benefited from the work of this charity. Our promise to Sami is that we will bring together our communities, to support like minded people, who believe, as we do, that ALL children deserve an equal chance in life, no matter what their circumstances. With the help of not-for-profit organisations, educational establishments and the local community, we aim to support these young people through education, mentoring and pastoral care. We aim to inspire these children, to believe in their own self worth and achieve their full potential in spite of their challenging circumstances.